About The Series


About the Jumpstart American Jobs Series

As millions of Americans begin to emerge from this pandemic-induced hibernation, the economic landscape around them will be dramatically different. Just as American employers led the way in responding to the pandemic, taking extraordinary steps to safeguard their workers and customers, they are now ready to help drive America’s economic recovery. In a series of five professionally produced virtual events, GBA provided a forum for leading corporate and business association executives to share practical perspectives with top policymakers and their staff on what it will take to jumpstart American job growth.

As the premier voice of international companies in the United States, the Global Business Alliance (GBA) actively promotes and defends an open economy that welcomes international companies to invest in America. Our members are American companies with global heritage and an indispensable part of our nation’s economic success. When America is open for business, we all benefit.

The Details

11:00 AM

Solving the Health Crisis

Jumpstarting job creation in the United States can’t begin in earnest until the health crisis is under control. This scene-setter for the series will open with a penetrating look into the race to develop a vaccine and treatments for COVID-19. Hearing from corporate and association executives who are actively engaged in this effort, we will explore the science, the collaboration (both within the United States and across borders), and top policy recommendations to secure our health and safety.

11:00 AM

Making It Here

Despite American real manufacturing output reaching an all-time high last year, there is a growing sense that we have lost our manufacturing base. This session will explore the impact the pandemic has had on this critical sector, as well as the policy priorities that will jumpstart manufacturing job growth – centered around a discussion of workforce re-skilling and U.S. and global supply chains. Given that international companies operating in the United States were responsible for creating 62 percent of all new manufacturing jobs over the past five years – global connections are key to America’s competitiveness in this sector of the economy.

11:00 AM

Sold. Separately.

Facemasks, curbside pick-up, and ensuring social distancing in stores are just some of the ways retailers have adapted to the health crisis. With the escalating threat of additional tariffs on imports and the forced localization of supply chains, commerce has never been more complicated. We’ll talk to wholesale and retail employers and industry experts to find out what it will take for their industries to shift this jobs engine back into gear.

11:00 AM

Servicing Small Business

Accounting for nearly half of all U.S. private-sector jobs, small businesses are a critical component of our economy and unfortunately, have paid a heavy toll during the pandemic. We’ll discuss the critical link between large and small employers and highlight ways policymakers can help small businesses jumpstart job creation.

11:00 AM

Jumpstarting Job Growth in America

To wrap up the series, Nancy McLernon, president and CEO of the Global Business Alliance, will be joined by other leading association executives to share their single most important recommendation on jumpstarting American job growth. We will also forecast the long-term impacts of the pandemic on America’s economic competitiveness.